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Susan Hobbs-Ortiz 

General Manager

Surrounded by talented musical artists from an early age, Susan Hobbs-Ortiz was destined for a music-related path.  Influenced by her father, Bruce Hobbs, who was a member of the 1960's band "The Countrymen", she had an affinity for music and the music business.  Susan worked as a booker of musical talent in Southern California, working with national touring artists and identifying new talent.  After managing artists for the past few years, Susan decided to take a step into the record label industry in collaboration with talented partners, publicist, and radio team.


Steven Brown


Steven Brown has a business background, including an MBA, but his passion is helping artists achieve their goals.  In co-founding this company, he found a means to combine his business knowledge with a love of music.  His daily functions with the label are related to contracts, financing, and strategic decisions.

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